Welcome to Krishna Agro Industries

We are a research driven company committed to improve, excel and create a new benchmark in the industry. We believe in building a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by providing them quality products, responsive services and timely delivery. A stringent quality control is implemented at every stage to guarantee international standards of quality and performance.

Krishna Igro Industry is a value driven organization in its entire business operations. The business attributes that leads the organization strongly in global markets are: Exclusive Supply Options - our years of experience has sharpen our skills to provide unmatched product supply options. Strict Quality Standards - we maintain the highest standards of quality, which is quite reflected from our patronage Competitive Prices - by utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques as well as information technology, we successfully cut down the production cost of entire product range.

There are several factors that have helped us to become a preferred choice of our clients. Some of the factors are as follows:
1. State-of-the-art infrastructure
2. Strong focus on quality
3. Customized solutions
4. Competitive pricing
5. Timely delivery

Plati Plough

It canbe used easily at rocky and rooted areas...


Panja are suitable for use in stone and root-obstructed soil...

M.B. Plough

Heavy Disking, Useful In Toughest Soils, Durable, Cost-Competitive


Easy Disking In Small Areas, Accurate Maintenance Of Ploughing Depth

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